Monday, January 14, 2008

Kite Sailing Kitano Yacht

It is a known fact among meteorologists that constant and stronger wind speeds are to be found at higher altitudes.

The Kite Sailing Kitano Yacht prototype designed by Stefanie Kr├╝cke takes advantage of that little known fact to down-to-sea sailors and introduces kite sailing technology to the leisure sailing yacht class.

Compared to a normal sail the kite has less surface area, but due to higher forces it is still capable of generating enough force so that even a gentle breeze lifts the hull to a planing speed.

The Kite Sailing Kitano Yacht is equipped with a retractable hydraulically operated centerboard, that makes possible to sail in shallow water and littorals without risk.

The Yacht itself could comfortably carry and house up to 8 passengers with the latest in luxury any seaman can dream of.

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